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G.E. Consulting ™ is providing strategy and technology consulting for the private and public sectors in the Nordic market.




Implementing innovation capability and strategies to lead revolutionary plans within core markets within a foreseeable timeframe.


Mapping leading insights to define opportunities to expand corporate identity and technology beyond the core markets, be means of innovative knowledge.


Analyzing long-term changes, identifying new innovation spheres and developing opportunities for future profit growth in the organization.





GE Consulting is the project manager of a project funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers (Nordic Innovation), called:

  • Developing a Certifiable Quality Standard for Nordic Caviar.


The project aims to develop a Nordic standard and quality seal for caviar produced in the Nordic region and escalate Nordic caviar into a global leading and recognized brand by customers.

The project will aim at outlining the process description from manufacturing to marketing, especially concerning quality control, processing and to some extent a harmonization of the taste and experience provided to the customer. This will still leave room for traders who wish to simply compete on the commodity market, the same way that you can still buy cheaper commodity priced sturgeon caviar from Russia in a variety of brands and manufacturers outside of the cooperative. Historically the Russian cooperative dates back to the Tsar times, and can to some extent be historically compared to the Scandinavian term: By Appointment to the Royal Court.

Russian caviar has built a worldwide reputation. Nordic caviar is simply a commodity. The Russians have basically had a virtual monopoly on this exclusive label. No alliance of fish processors have made a unified "seal of approval" for producing caviar from other fish species than the sturgeon, and thereby challenged the Russian oligarchy, and virtual monopoly on luxury caviar. In order to create a loyal customer base our region needs to make sure that we can present a consistent, recognizable, trustworthy, and safe product. We need to create a luxury experience to go along with our Nordic caviar.

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