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G.E. Consulting ™ is providing strategy and technology consulting for the private and public sectors in the Nordic market.














Our current projects include:

G.E. Consulting™ is involved in an innovation project to modernize the Port of Gothenburg in Sweden. The project is run in cooperation with Seaport Innovations Aps. (

The project goals are to optimize the port’s investments in new quayside areas, and reinforcements in their Container, Ro/Ro- and Oil Terminals. Develop improved infrastructure within and outside the port to generate greater capacity and better accessibility. It is the goal to be one of the most efficient ports in Europe.

G.E. Consulting™ is managing an open innovation research project, to identify innovative management of leading shopping malls in the Nordic countries.

The project aims to identify ideal direction of internal traffic and customer flow, and to map common mistakes in architecture, construction of buildings and internal design. The project will develop a standard set of “do and not-to-do” in designing new shopping malls and department stores, for optimized management potential - but also to suggest changes to existing malls.

G.E. Consulting™ is involved in a project to identify the Nordic countries’ governmental status in facilitating companies with ability to trade and transfer CO2 quotas, in connection with the Kyoto protocols.

The study aims to indentify which activities are included in the national CO2 accounting, and thereby provide businesses with information and tools to benefit from balancing the books over borders. The project takes a Nordic approach to the objective, and is focusing on inter-Nordic balancing of quotas.

G.E. Consulting™ is participating in a project to map lead users role for innovation in high-end Nordic tourism companies. A key instrument is developing a taxonomy for a wider understanding and teachings on improved innovation in Nordic tourism and tourist consultancy and policies. The project is in cooperation with Nordic Innovation Center financed by the Nordic Council of ministers. Participating countries are Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Estonia, and Latvia.



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